48mm Solid Core

Securing quality, our solid timber core is constructed using laminated veneered lumber for unrivalled strength, security and peace of mind.

£1,000 Security Guarantee

The Federal UCF locking cylinder offers a standard of security far and above other locking cylinders available on the market.

How good are our doors?

Check out our video and see for yourself just how strong our solid core composite doors really are.


Laminated Door Skins

Aesthetically, the foiled skin of an Endurance Door offers a premium look and feel, with authentic timber detailing and a robust scratch-resistant finish.

However, the real beauty lies beneath the surface. Due to the white substrate used to manufacture the skins, up to 95% of the sun’s rays are reflected away rather than absorbed.

By maintaining a stable temperature, the skin of an Endurance Door is far less susceptible to cracking and fading. This quality also contributes to the market-leading resistance to bowing.

3mm Bowing Guarantee

The core of an Endurance Door is composed of 17 crossed layers of engineered timber, providing our products with unrivalled strength as well as market leading resistance to bowing.

The construction of our solid timber core, combined with the performance of our heat reflective foiled skins, gives us the confidence to offer a bowing guarantee of just 3mm.

In the unlikely event that an Endurance Door does bow further than this, we will replace the slab free of charge.

0% Moisture Ingress

A feature which is entirely unique to Endurance Doors, the Moisture Barrier System sits at the base of every Endurance Door leaf.

Back in 2013, we introduced the Moisture Barrier System after noticing a spike in doors swelling and sticking within the frame or delaminating after a heavy month of rain. After inspection, our team noticed that the drainage holes within the threshold of the affected doors had become blocked, leaving the solid timber slab exposed to standing water.

Since introducing the Moisture Barrier System, the Endurance Door simply does not suffer with issues associated with moisture ingress.

Hardware Options

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