Polycarbonate Sheeting

An extensive range of multiwall polycarbonate sheeting in various thickness and sizes.

Polycarbonate is co-extruded with a full UV protection layer offering high levels of impact resistance. The energy saving, lightweight sheeting is ideal for use in conservatories, canopies, curved roof lights and much more.

Multiwall Polycarbonate is the most widely used form of polycarbonate, often used for conservatories and lean-to roofs. The various layers it’s made up from provides superb thermal insulation, also providing relatively good sound insulation.

When ordering polycarbonate, it is important to note that we do not recommend 4mm or 6mm twinwall polycarbonate sheets for roofing applications. Timber supported roofs we would recommend 10mm to 16mm polycarbonate, whereas 25mm to 35mm polycarbonate for self-supporting roofs.

You can also use polycarbonate for other glazing requirements. Some examples include sport shelters, bike racks and security barriers. This demonstrates the versatility of polycarbonate sheets.

On special request we can also provide coloured sheeting, ideal for school canopies.

10mm Twinwall

Colours - Clear, Opal & Bronze

16mm Multiwall

Colours - Clear, Opal & Bronze

25mm Multiwall

Colours - Clear, Opal, Bronze & Bronze on Opal

35mm Multiwall

Colours - Clear, Opal, Bronze, Solarguard & Bronze on Opal

4mm Twinwall

Colours - Clear

6mm Twinwall

Colours - Clear