Upvc Sash Windows

Put the style and beauty back into your home.

Box sash windows will enhance your home

Our box sash sliders (or vertical sliders as commonly known) are a traditional style of window. Commonly found in older properties, they are usually manufactured from timber. This elegant type of window is a popular replacement in period houses, its design giving your home a sophisticated charm and style that you won’t achieve from a standard casement window. Real timber windows can be expensive so homeowners look to more affordable solutions such as Upvc.

Choose from a range of colour and hardware options to complete your window and create a look that fits in perfectly with your home.

We offer a range of sash window styles to match your old windows as closely as possible and maintain the signature “design statement” for your home.
Bay-style windows including splay and box bay windows can also be replaced. These are a common feature in older properties and when combined with a sliding sash window the installed appearance is very impressive.
We can also replace arched and swept head windows. These shaped styles are incredibly eye-catching. Our sash windows are bespoke-manufactured to your exact requirements, to maintain the appealing charm of your home.
Other additional design options are available with internal Georgian Bar or external Astragal Bar detailing, to ensure your new windows are truly authentic in style.
Both are equally fantastic and offer their own unique finish.

Our box sash windows offer great levels of energy efficiency and easily achieve an ‘A’ rating without the need for expensive ‘upgrades’.
‘A’ rating comes as standard for our box sash sliding windows.

So what does energy efficient glass do?
By using energy efficient glass it not only allows less heat to escape your property but the outer pane actually allows more heat inside using nature to warm your property.
When choosing an ‘A’ rated window, we use what is known as a Warm Edge spacer bar between the glass panes which reduces the heat loss around the edge of the glass.

Besides standard white, we offer 13 different foiled colour options to make your property standard out even more

Our sash sliding windows operate like traditional timber windows with the top and bottom sashes sliding up and down. However, as standard, you also have the ability to tilt both sashes inwards which allows you to easily clean the outside of the windows from within your home.