Fibreglass Roofing


Trade resin available in 10kg & 20kg tubs.


Topcoat available in 5kg, 10kg & 20kg tubs. Dark Grey stocked, any other RAL colour available to order.


Aailable in 1kg, 500g & 250g bottles.


Virgin acetone, minimum purity of 99.5%. Available in 5ltr & 1ltr bottles.


Matting available in 450g/m2 & 600g/m2. Cut to size per meter.

Jointing Tape

Available in 100mm x 50m rolls.

Raised Trim

Raised edge trim to retain water on roof. Available in 3mtr lengths.

Drip Trim

Drip trim to allow water to run off the roof usually into a gutter. Available in 3mtr lengths.

Wall Trim

Trim designed to dress against a wall. Available in 3mtr lengths.

Corner Trim

Pre-made corner trim to use with other trims.


Brushes to apply resin. Available in 50mm, 75mm & 100mm widths.

Application Roller

Rollers available in 75mm, 150mm & 225mm widths.

Paddle Roller

Available in 75mm, 150mm & 225mm widths.

Builders Buckets

12ltr capacity.